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Dr. Zoe keeps it real, raw & relevant… therefore controversial subjects are discussed.


By listening to the show, you agree that Dr. Zoe & her guests are not to be held liable for any shock, pissing of the pants, sudden desire of CHANGE or uncontrollable laughter. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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Meet Dr. Zoe

Dr. Zoe

“Dr. ZoeLena Shuster, also known as Dr. Zoë, “The Confidential Coach”, is the President and Founder of Katapult Enterprises, a company offering Ultra-Exclusive Services for the High Profile Lifestyle. This lovechild of hippies and granddaughter of multi-millionaires has become a dynamic leader in today’s business and entertainment worlds. She is a philanthropist, a successful entrepreneur, and an edgy powerhouse that breathes motivation into the lives of her prestigious clients. As a consultant, ZoeLena has facilitated positive change to countless careers, companies and corporations. She is a multi-talented trendsetter, a mogul, and a creative idea machine who since 1998 has been helping business, sports, entertainment, and religious leaders around the world improve their image, presence, and lifestyle.

ZoeLena has overcome many adversities in her own life. Her range of experiences continues to make her extremely relatable to a vast audience and contributes to her undeniable allure. “Dr. Zoe” has “Katapulted” the most high-end projects, products and people and continues to make waves by educating new confidential coaches.

She has been a guest on many TV/Radio shows, even hosting her own, her past show Zoe and Friends and her current radio show “Dr. Zoe Today”, providing real, raw and relevant information on love, sex and relationships. Among her many projects, ZoeLena’s personal mission is to grow herself and to one day see universal individualism, where each person is free to be their authentic self.


President & Founder of Katapult Enterprises. Ultra-exclusive Services for the High Profile Lifestyle


“The Confidential Coach” to World Leaders since 1998 


Host of the controversial radio show, “Dr. Zoe Today”  

Sex Butter

by Dr. Zoe

Have great sex with this NEW healthy product!

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  • Vaginal & penis Lubricant
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  • Anti-Fungal Anti-Bacterial
  • Promotes Arousal & Orgasm
  • For Passion & Pleasure
  • Women & Men
  • Paraben-Free, Hormone-Free
  • Use with a partner or alone
  • Safe for Sex Toys
  • Soothes Sexual Pain
  • Easy to use

1/2 oz jar (20-40 uses): $39.95 + $3.00 US S/H

Sex Butter by Dr. Zoe 


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